Our Story

In 2002, a successful Proof of Concept clinical study led by Pr Philippe HENON – Founder and Director of IRHT Mulhouse - showing structural and functional regeneration of myocardial tissue as well as reperfusion of an infarcted zone after a recent Acute Myocardial Infarct (AMI) was performed and included 7 myocardial infarction patients with a very poor short-term prognosis. Based on the objective of building a robust and automated bioprocessing technology aimed at producing large numbers of purified stem cells, CellProthera has developed a proprietary technology platform made of an automated expansion device called StemXpand® and its disposable kit StemPack®. The final cell product ProtheraCytes® is made of CD34+ stem cells which have the potential for regeneration of various damaged tissues. ProtheraCytes® is registered as an ATMP – Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product – within the classification of Tissue Engineered product by the European Medicines Agency. Our most advanced program is the regeneration of damaged heart tissue after severe AMI to prevent Heart Failure (HF). It is an unmet medical need suffered by over a million patients per year in the US, Europe and Japan.

Science & Technology

Adult stem cells are a natural source in the body capable of long-term self-renewal. Our cellular product, ProtheraCytes® based on specific CD34+ stem cells together with our know-how and technology is safe and has the power to regenerate multiple tissues.


A severe heart attack leads to a chronic heart failure that weakens heart function and reduces life expectancy.
Regenerative Medicine emerges as a new breakthrough model of medicine that provides a therapeutic solution being capable to regenerate both structurally and functionally the damaged organ.
Since the pilot study, CellProthera has a followup of more than 15 years and has shown survival and improvement of patients. No other existing treatment whether it is stent, bypass or other drugs can show such results.


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The contribution of each employee is essential to the development and success of CellProthera