Our ambition : regenerate and cure

A multidisciplinary team that pools its skills to pave the way for success.

Executive Committee




20 years of experience in executive management, corporate strategy, business development and sales, for medtech company and large multinationals.




15 years of experience in stem cell research and regenerative medicine, including Translational Research at a Californian clinical stage biotechnology company developing stem cell-based therapies




Didier has more than 30 years of extensive international experience in clinical development, clinical research and medical affairs from various companies, including AstraZeneca and Biotechs involved in cell therapy. Didier graduated as a Medical Doctor from the University of Paris and holds a Business Administration degree from ESSEC France.




15 years of experience in corporate finance, internal control, accounting and tax matters. Senior Manager at EY leading legal financial audits as well as due diligence transactions. CFO of a listed company on Euronext




15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, as director of pharmaceutical affairs, head of quality management and qualified person.

Scientific advisors

Cellprothera relies on the expertise of international key opinion leaders for its development, among which the members of EXCELLENT Trial Steering Committee *

Pr Deepak BHATT*

Harvard Medical Business School Boston MA, USA

Pr Cesario Borlongan

Center of excellence for aging and brain repair, University of South Florida Tampa, USA

Emeritus Professor Jeanne Loring

The Scripps Research Institute,
La Jolla CA, USA

Pr Pierre-Yves MARIE*

Brabois Universtiy Hospital Nancy, Lorraine University, France


 Pitié-Salpétrière Hospital, University Hospital Paris, France


Monzino Cardiology Center, University hospital Milano, Italy


Rangueil Universtiy Hospital Toulouse, France

Pr Denis-Claude ROY

University Hospital Montreal, Canada


Harvard Medical Business School Boston MA, USA

Pr Faiez ZANNAD*

Brabois Universtiy Hospital Nancy, Lorraine University, France


The good results of the Proof of Concept Trial led both Philippe HENON and Jean-Claude JELSCH to found CellProthera in 2008 whose objectives are to develop and bring to patients this innovative therapeutic solution.

At the origin of the therapeutic solution, Prof. Philippe HENON, MD – Head of the Hematology Department – Mulhouse Hospitals, is one of the pioneers in the field of peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) identification and transplantation and performed the 6th peripheral blood stem cell transplantation in the world in 1986…


He is member of twelve national and international scientific societies and corresponding member of the New York Academy of Sciences. As the founder of the “Institut de Recherche en Hématologie et Transplantation” (IRHT) in Mulhouse, he led a research program on stemcells and discovered that CD34+ cells could regenerate the heart after a severe myocardial infarct.

He is now chairman of the Supervisory Board and Scientific Advisor.

Jean-Claude JELSCH (†2022) was for over 30 years, an esteemed member of ADECCO top management. After he co-founded Cardinal Development, a capital development company in Alsace, he became Chairman of IRHT…



Jean-Claude JELSCH as CEO from 2008 to 2016 has consolidated the company by successful fundraisings and led development programs by partnering with industrial companies.

QMS & Regulatory Affairs

As a health care startup, the quality of our data and results depends on an efficient Quality Management System  in compliance with the guidelines and standards relevant to our activities. The objective of our QMS is the quality, safety, efficiency and performance entrusted to our products.
The commitment of the Executive Committee and our Quality Policy guide our activities according to 3 axes:
– Ensure a high level of quality on our processes, products and services for the safety of the patient. This is achieved by implementing a continuous improvement system.
– Involve the entire company in our objectives, costs and deadlines by making individuals responsible for their activities and projects.
– Set up a management system allowing the cohesion of the teams by the definition of common values.

Our status as a pharmaceutical establishment authorized and inspected by the ANSM (GMP certificate below), allows us to manufacture and certify an Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product resulting from tissue engineering.  This ATMP is undergoing a Phase I/IIb clinical trial. The design and development of our cell culture and expansion platform is recognized by the British Standards Institution through our ISO 13485: 2016 certification (see below).