A “rupture” therapy


The unique therapeutic approach proposed by CellProthera is protected by various patents. It requires a simple blood sampling best performed within 2 weeks following a severe AMI. The sampling occurs after a treatment period using GCSF in order to mobilize the patient’s own stem cells into the blood flow. The patient’s blood sample is then forwarded to a local certified Cell Therapy center and processed in our proprietary automated device StemXpand® using our standard kit StemPack® for the preparation of the final graft product ProtheraCytes®.


When injected into scar tissue within the heart wall, CD34+ cells have experimentally shown in nude mice the capability to engraft in the damaged tissue and to differentiate into mature myocardial and endothelial cells. These engrafted cells have expressed various proteins that are important components of contractile function.


By using ASC obtained from a patient’s own body, this therapeutic approach avoids all challenges currently faced by other types of cell-based clinical therapies including tissue rejection, immunosuppressive treatments and instances of the cells differentiating into cells other than cardiomyocytes and vessels at the contact of the myocardial ischemic zone.


The overall process of cardiac grafting become a simple treatment for interventional cardiologist as easy as placing a stent in coronary bed. This can be considered as a revolution for the management of patients suffering severe AMI compared to existing treatments.