December 2016 Capital increase of 8.6 Mo€
First semester of 2016 First clinical sites (France & UK) opened – Clinical Trial Phase I/IIb
December 2015 Country authorization granted by ANSM (France) and MHRA (UK) – Clinical Trial Phase I/IIb
August 2015 European authorization granted by the EMA – Clinical Trial Phase I/IIb
Mars 2015 Granted the status of “Etablissement Pharmaceutique” under french regulation
December 2014 Laureat of UBISTAR 2014 from Ubifrance & Galien Foundation of New York
June 2014 Capital increase of 5.0 Mo€
November 2013 Results of the biological validation of the automated cell expansion process
July 2013 Cardiostem Consortium (Group) Financial support of 6.1 Mo€ from BPI France
December 2012 Capital Increase of 2.5 Mo€
December 2011 Capital Increase of 2.5 Mo€
November 2011 Award of 1.8Mo€ by French Inter-Ministry Investment Fund
2010 Development and setting up of first cell expansion automate
June 2009 First capital increase of 1.6 Mo€ through seedfunding
April 2008 Registration of Cellprothera at the Registre du Commerce de Mulhouse