CellProthera is eager to make available this autologous functional repair solution either as a replacement or combined with other existing therapies (CABG, Stenting)  to a large number of patients following  acute myocardial infarction  (AMI).  In this respect, Cellprothera has developed a cell expansion automate (StemXpand®)  to mass produce an ATMP/MTMM (autologous CD34+ cell graft – ProtheraCytes®)  by means of a disposable kit (StemPack®).


This patented process allows an expansion of autologous cells sampled from the patient (20 times on average) and is performed in licensed Cell Therapy Centers according to cGMP within 9 days. On the 10th day, ProtheraCytes® is injected in the infarct zone of the myocardium.


StemXpand® and StemPack® are developed by Cellprothera together with a consortium of French companies according to European and American standards.