A future oriented company

Thanks to the support and trust of its shareholders, CellProthera is carrying out since 2009 an industrial (StemXpand®, StemPack®) and a clinical (cardiac ATMP/MTMM ProtheraCytes®) development program.

CellProthera’s financial strategy is perfectly in line with values shared by its investors , who by getting involved in cell therapy , determine the critical stages of the company and support every action towards the final objectives. More than ever , given the imminent issues, CellProthera is resolutely oriented towards the future.

Since its inception, CellProthera has secured a € 32.9 million funding, derived from various public and private sources. It was carried out in successive phases

  • A first increase of capital, seed funding, € 1.6 million in 2009
  • Support of € 1.8 million by the French Inter-Ministry Investment Fund ( FUI)
  • Two capital increases in 2011 and 2012 of € 2.5 million each
  • Support of € 6.1 million by BPI France for the Cardiostem Consortium of which 4.6 million granted to CellProthera.
  • A capital increase in 2014 of € 5.0 million.
  • A capital increase in 2016 of € 8.6 million.
  • A capital increase in 2018 of € 4.9 million.